Sunday, November 11, 2007

A day at the gym

Can you guess who this is?

This is Emma and Jared racing climbing up the rope.
Me doing a handstand.

This is William doing a handstand. I can't believe William can do a handstand!

Jared and I had to jump on those things! We had fun but it was hard.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

My Schoolwork pictures

A tree I did. We have trees like this in our yard, only they have more leaves. But they are falling down too, because it is getting close to winter. When snow falls then it is Happy New Year!

Thank you Aunt Vickie it was fun working! I love you.

Here is a turkey. First I had to get glue, Vickie cut out the feathers. Then I got the feathers, put on the glue all over the turkey, then I put on the feathers. It was fun. Though I got my finger all gluey....but it was fun anyways.
This is a turkey almost like all the others. I colored his hat purple. His head red. His collar black his body brown, his feathers all different colors. His beak is orange and his feet orange.
This is a turkey. First I had to cut it out. The I had to cut the letters, then cut out the wings. Then glue it all. I had to glue the letters on in order so they would not get mixed up.
This is a scarecrow. Scarecrows scare away birds., from your garden. THat is why they are called scarecrows, because they scare away birds.
This is a pilgrim bringing in food for his family. Pilgrims are usally black and white. He is bringing tomatoes, corn, carrots and a pumpkin. I love pumpkins.
This is a turkey that was roasted. This girl is bringing it in for supper. Turkeys are really good to eat. The are better eat at Thanksgiving then any other time.
Parrots are all different colors just like rainbows. You can find them almost everywhere.
This is a rainbow. Rainbows are all different colors. I trace the letters then I colored the picture. Some people believe that rainbows have gold in the end.